How can BirdieBox help others you know by partnering with them on their gifting needs? 
Refer a friend or colleague, and have the potential to earn up to 10% of their order value 
as a gift to shop on, or put as a credit towards your company’s next order!
Heres how it works:
$2,500 - $5,000 referral = $250 credit
$5,001 - $9,999 referral = $500 credit
$10,000 - 24,999 referral = $1,000 credit
$25,000 + referral = $2,500 credit

Regardless of industry, everyone has occasion to gift someone, whether it’s for clients, prospects, employees, events, or just because. Who do you know that we could help, while earning a little extra something for you or your company?

*Referrals are qualified as contacts that are not already existing clients/prospects. Credit or gift code is granted upon completion of purchase by the referred party.